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4.5-inch IPS-display is by OGS technology, which provides the highest viewing angles, where image is not inverted and does not change its brightness. Among other advantages, it should be noted that the screen is fully laminated; thereby improving the responsiveness of the sensor. The display has a resolution of FWVGA (Full Wide Video Graphics Array) covered with tempered glass that protects the surface from minor scratches and nicks.


Inside WEXLER.ZEN 4.5 is a powerful Quad-Core processor with a speed of 1.3 GHz. Together with the dual-core video processor and 1 GB of RAM, this smartphone responds instantly to commands and shows a high level of performance for each mode: Call mode, Video, Web Surfing, Reading, and launch of complex 3D games.


WEXLER.ZEN 4.5 has two built-in cameras. The front camera has a resolution of 2.0Mp and face detection, which is ideal for Video conferencing and Selfies. Rear camera has a resolution of 5.0Mp, characterized by numerous photo and video features: Autofocus, Flash, Face Detection, Smile Detection, HDR and Panorama.


SMART WAKE UP, is a function, especially developed for this model. While the smartphone is in "sleep" mode, there is an option for instant commands by “drawing" letters on a touch panel. Command "M"  for “Music", command “C” for "Contacts" - command "C" and etc.


With compact size of 8.75 mm, WEXLER.ZEN 4.5 has spacious a battery of 2000 mAh, giving it a long lasting charge. The presence of 2 slots for SIM-cards allows multiple mobile numbers in one phone, and share personal and business calls.

WEXLER.ZEN 4.5 has the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, as well as a wide range of new features. This includes our proprietary WEXLER.PLAY app, which provides quick access to the most popular applications in Google Play, ready to install at a moment’s notice.