WEXLER - an international company, founded in 2008. Our brand reached an unprecedented awareness in just a short time period.... Today, Wexler has offices in Chicago, Moscow, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with some of the world’s best known companies in the IT industry, such as Intel, Microsoft, LG, Nvidia, AMD, and Foxconn, our products include the latest technologies used in consumer electronics. Most recently, Wexler became the first company in the world to introduce an e-reader based on a flexible plastic display technology, WEXLER. Flex ONE.

Wexler aspires to create and deliver computer and digital products that continuously meet the latest user demands, incorporating capabilities of Adobe, Foxconn, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Nvidia, MediaTek, Navitel, and other reputable IT companies.

Wexler takes great care in providing lowest defect rate in each product category. Combination of stringent supplier qualifications, and three-step QC process, allows Wexler to offer unsurpassed quality, which receives some of the highest accolades in the industry.

Our global reach spans Europe and North America, with active participation in the biggest trade shows and conferences in the world, such as IFA, MWC and various European Distree events. In 2014, we were proud to join CEA, an industry authority on market research and forecasts, consumer surveys, legislative and regulatory news, engineering standards, training resources and more.

We welcome you to experience our products, where we understand your needs and expectations. Because in our world, "It's All Personal".